GlowCo Luminous Faucet Nozzle
GlowCo Luminous Faucet Nozzle

GlowCo Luminous Faucet Nozzle

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What Is This?

  • This product by GlowCo is an attachable faucet extension which when fitted illuminates your water stream coming from your faucet via LED lights.
  • The faucet extension simply screws onto most faucets and only takes 10-15 to install in your own home.
  • The faucet extension is also reactive to heat changing colors depending on what temperature the water is, this can lead to being helpful stopping situations where you accidentally burn yourself.

Is it safe?

  • Of course! Our product is made from ABS chroming material ensuring that the faucet extension doesn't corrode during use over a prolonged period of time.
  • Don't believe us? You don't have to! Check the hundreds of happy customer reviews below and see for yourself!

No Batteries Needed

That’s right! The entire device is powered solely by the water coming from your water faucet meaning no need to worry about replacements!

Corrosion Resistant

Our product is made from ABS chroming material, which means it is very resistant and durable to corrosion.

Customer Satisfaction

Hundreds of customers are already enjoying this product and have it equipped in their household, see for yourself in the reviews below!